Open College Network West Midlands Level 3

Diploma in Dog Grooming inc handstripping, Pet First-aid & Cpcr and Business Salon Management.

Aimed at the beginner to learn commercial dog grooming skills covering popular and a wider range of breeds and not only covers clipping & styling but handstripping and scissoring techniques as well as pet first-aid cpcr and business salon management. Everything for the aspiring new groomer or those thinking of starting a grooming business this is the shortest course recommended to learn all breed popular pet grooming grooming skills to start grooming for a living.

20 day hands on intensive practical course 18 days grooming, 1 day for the advanced pet cpcr and pet first aid and 1 day for the Operational principals of dog grooming business and salon management and 150 hrs home study. (optional free day improver grooming within First 6 months of business, ongoing support post course Priceless!)

Units included within this qualification cover:

  • Assess, Plan and Record Dog Grooming Work

  • Canine First Aid

  • Carry Out Styling and Finishing of a Dog

  • Health Checking a Dog by a Dog Groomer

  • Promote and Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Animals

  • Welcome, Receive and Care for Customers

  • In your practical 19 day lessons, you’ll follow a series of step by step unique SmartGroom processes that will have you grooming full dogs from start to finish and be backed up with our unique styling charts and manuals which youll have to guide you even after grooming school!  

  • It’s only with practice that you will truly become a competent and successful professional dog groomer! and thats what youll do with our 1:1 hands on practical supervised lessons.

  • You'll also complete the Pet Cpcr and first-aid, You’ll learn how to prevent illness and injury and how to safely respond to emergency situations. Completing the first aid training will increase your confidence and credibility and will provide both you and your clients with peace of mind

  • On the Diploma course we also cover operational principals of dog grooming salon management, helping you to set up your business avoid costly equiptment mistakes,comply with legislation, prevent problems and maxmise profits Everything For The Aspiring Groomer!!

Course Fee: £5295 includes course manuals, grooming style charts, business salon record card starter kit and templates for business disclaimers/pricing etc, scissor kit and grooming overalls.

To book 50% deposit is due at time of booking and balance is due 7 days prior to course start.

Payment plan:

5x4 day blocks Deposit £1795

4 payments in advance of day 4 and day 8 and day 12 and day 16  of £875.00

Lessons run mon-fri 9.45am to approx 2/3pm daily

Ocassional Saturdays 9am-1/2pm.

Click on the word document to download the grooming enrolment form:





Attendance: The courses runs all year round so you can start when you want, dates are allocated on a first come first served basis as deposit is received for you to choose from and are tailored to suit you can attend 1/2/3/4 days per week or in blocks mon-fri, occasional Saturdays.

We have a max of 4 students on any training day. On receipt of your deposit and enrolment form we will send you a current list of available dates for you to choose from.